N.ae.d.A. bean

A home for my heart and mind;


In the dark, a clang shuttered across deaf eyes as light bore out of enigma. Generations in the shadow elevated moonlight into brilliance unconscionable: a blight cast over the homeland that was this underworld called Yot.
The warmth of weird touched gently the skin of these creatures in Yot. Each of them with skin keen to each-other’s homeostatic kinship felt the otherworldly warmth of moonlight and shuttered.
One, a woman, arched her neck from the belly of the stone, clutching the opposite buttock of her lover, and howled. Her lover, a man, responded: touching her nape, rising to kneel, and spitting on the ground before him. He barked sonorously, begging the universe for answers. What could it mean?
An older man, trembling, approached the source of the light, attempting to open something on his person, in his face. His hands touched the orbs lying in his skull, and he rejoiced as the layer of skin over them split—he saw.
The elder cheered to the others, “open your eyes! open your eyes!”
Slowly, and with great caution, the lovers touched each-other’s faces and found the long buried orbs.